Sponsored by Tonya's Hair Fashions

Where- Schine’s Park Stage
When – Noon on Saturday August 19, 2017
How – Registration begins at 11:15- 11:50am
Who – Participants must be between the ages of 3 and 11 years of age as of the day of the event

Each participant shall have their hair braided into pigtails (2 braids)
A single pony tail braid will not be permitted
French braids or regular braids are permitted
NO imitation hair is permitted, hair must be naturally grown
Any participant whose hair is not braided accordingly will not be permitted to compete in the contest
Each participant must wear a name tag for identification for the judges



Judging will be performed by a licensed cosmetologist
Each judge will have a neutral judge to double check each contestants measurements
Each pigtail will be measured to assure the longest measurement is recorded
Judging is based on the length of the braid, not he appearance (i.e.- ribbons, glitter, beads)
Judging of the pigtail will be done from the top of the participant’s ear to the top of the rubber band or hair tie.
No measurements will be disclosed to the public
No parents or guardians will be permitted on stage, unless there is a special accommodation needed. Such accommodation will need to be approved prior to the start of the contest with the contest chairperson.
The judges decision will be rendered final

Parade Information
The contestants who participated in the Pigtail Contest are eligible to walk/ride in the Bratwurst Festival parade on Saturday, August 19, 2017. They will meet the contest coordinator at the Speedway Gas Station parking lot at 3:15-3:30 pm. Contestants who are walking/riding in the parade will need picked up immediately following the parade in the parking lot of UDF. To participate in the parade, please leave hair braided as it was for the contest.

2017 Winners